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dreaming ON Jan 27, 2011 AT 1/27/2011 07:28:00 PM
haha! gila, rajin nya aku neh post something d blog neh.
is it too much? 
it's my blog, so it's my right tho, to post/write anything that i want. isn't it? so, just let me do what i want lah.

last night, i dreamed about something.
i was in 
again in that dream.
i don't know, but i was freaking happy that time.
meeting again, with my new friends, erna, sue, fatin and dian.
and, we were chatting together, spend lotsa time with 'em. omg!
how i wish, it was true!
cause, i missed the time i spent together in there. at first, i don't want to go, and when i was there, yea! it was like a hell for me. i got no friends there! everyone seems like to hate me. almost every night, i cried a lot and want to back home! but then, after i met 'em, i don't wanna go back! unfortunately for me, i was sent back home due to my asthma! shit. the doctor, said i won't be allowed to continue it. at first, yes! i was happy! but, thinking about new friends, we're all just started to be a good friends, and why it has to be like this? seriously, i missed those guys, even tho, they didn't miss me a lot.
if only i get a chance going back to PLKN, i definitely wanna go! :D cause PLKN is absolutely fun! anyway, tho it's just a week for me being a wirawati, but i won't forget the experience. 

it was taken before i went back home, after the class.

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