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my night ON Jan 27, 2011 AT 1/27/2011 06:52:00 AM
tonight, am watching another kdrama.

it was a good drama to watch, with a family.
i've watched it with my mum and dad, since both of them
really loved that drama, more than me. hihi
it's sad to watch how gang mo was treated in that place of "hell"
and it was really looks like a hell actually!
people were beaten without any sympathy for them. ):
wondering, was that place, really exist in korea? hopefully, it's not

i love this drama, actually.
but, i'm more into IRIS compare to this one.
don't know why. but, seems they've lost some kicks! ):
anyway, i love the hero! 
Jung Woo Sung. 
aigoo. he's handsome! and his body? ahh. speechless to say.
okay, i'll just stop right here, cause i might be slap by heechul later! LOL

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