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between her and him. (II) ON Feb 13, 2011 AT 2/13/2011 11:29:00 PM
just now, i'm reading one comment from Viki that made me smile non stop. :D

peipei: Hi Guys^^... To collaborate with what were said by Kitty, Shaz and so well by Bashful, read from one of the thread, Hyun Bin and HaJiWon met up at the cafe.... After the press conference/premiere of Manchu (Late Autumn) ended, some of the top celebrities were moved to the cafe! Guess who was there? YES! OUR AMAZING WOMAN, HA JI WON !!!!! HJW sat facing the windowed walls of the cafe so all the fans could see her (and poster said she's beautiful even from far aw...ay ♥).
After a moment, OUR KNIGHT IN SHINING ARMOR (aka HB) COMES TO RELEASE OUR HJW FROM BOREDOM! Lol, just kidding (: but he did come to sit across from her so the two could chat! ♥ The poster said that they seemed to have a good time chatting with each other!! and a lot of laughs & smiles. (from HJW since only HB's back could be seen) were included in the convos! The guy with the black jacket facing HaJiWon is Hyun Bin. They are drinking coffee together after the premiere.