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between her and him. ON Feb 13, 2011 AT 2/13/2011 04:43:00 PM
what i mean is between Hyun Bin and Ha Ji Won. i've just read some comments about them, on Viki. reading all of it, makes me wondering, why he was like that? is she like him? is he just want to run away from the gossips? i'll just copy, all the comments here! and let people thinks, about the two of 'em. :D *it's gonna be a longggggg post!

bashful: Hey is it just me.... but HB is more touchy with Tang Wei and Im Su Jung during the press conference then he is with HJW. I have seen many pics which shows HB arms around Tang Wei waist and also Im Su Jung. However with HJW he tends to be more conservative and reserved if that is the word to use. What do you all think???
kitty79: @bashful... You're right. I see the same thing. The only time i see him touchy with HJW was during the bts of the party kiss scene. But whatever, I hope HJW doesn't show HB that she's intrested in him or anything else he'll be aloof around her. I seriously think HJW likes HB. If you see all the bts/NGs of SeGa, HJW makes it too obvious that she's attracted to him and all these compliments that she said about him. I don't see him complimenting her during any of his interviews, except thanking her for being RaIm out of courtesy.... I hope HJW and JIS are still close and hope one day they'd get together. I just love them too! At least JIS said he'd love to work with her again and when she got the best actress award, he gave her flowers and was touched when she cried during her speech. Hehehe.. I can go on with this tandem.
bashful: @Kitty79 whether or not HJW is interested in HB I do not know but I know she is very friendly with her all her coworkers whom she had work with. HJW has a very straightforward personality. She thanked many of her coworkers in a warm way. This is just how she is, so it hard to tell who she has interest in but I know for sure she has many male celebrities admirers or pursers. However we many call it….From BTS HB was actually very friendly too. HB kept on holding HJW waist during the BTS on ep 14 and was teasing her, he was leaning and laughing on HJW's back during BTS of ep 12 and taking her hand and placing it near his chest during the BTS of visiting RI dad. Not to mention he was leaning on her shoulder during the BTS of putting the kids to bed. They had many scenes like that. However, from BTS HB and HJW were very close, but I feel HB is giving himself a reality check at times. This is why I think he is more cautious when speaking and thanking HJW. I think he's very careful of what he says when coming to HJW because of the rumors but he is not like that with other actresses such as Tang Wei and Im Su Jung. I think this is what I was trying to say. Thanks for helping me figuring it out. Maybe HB is the one that has a thing for HJW???? This could explain why he is so close with her from BTS but then holds back when talking about her (just kidding)…but if they are just friends or coworker it's best to not let things like that brother them just be natural. Like our HJW…she has always been the type to speak her mind and she is very honest. Maybe they both did have some attraction due to SG but I'm sure they could differentiate the characters feeling from their own since both of them are so professional. lol
shaz2009: @kitty79 n @bashful I think HB is the one who is interested in HJW... N to play safe to his fans or maybe someone..., he juz thnk her. HJW is always nice n gd to everyone she work with. (juz wtch the NG n u cn see hw HB, treats HJW...)
kitty79: @bashful & shaz2009. Hehehehe. I was mad because HB didn't seem friendly to HJW during the press conference compared to his other co-stars. Have you guys seen him during the press conferene of The World They Live In? He kept on holding SHG's hands happily. I dont think they were dating at the time, but boy.. he was all over her. LOL. Anyhow,I think HB started to feel attracted to HJW starting the party kiss ep. I don't know but from what I've seen (body language wise), I feel as though HJW is more interested in HB than her other co-stars. Anyway, you guys are probably right about HB, he's more cautious with HJW because he doesn' want to stir more trouble. :)
bashful: @shaz2009 and Kitty79...I was surprised because they both stated they were comfortable filming with eachother and surely HB did not seem like that during the press conf. But HJW is still HJW, what she say and do are exactly the same...... I actually thought she dated KSW or Jo In Sung before because of how close they were. I guess HJW is super friendly with her coworkers...it could be a good and bad thing at times. But I still admire her. If HB and HJW are attracted to one another it's too bad because their timing is wrong. HB is leaving soon and already in a relationship. Neither way I am happy because I just hope they could remain friends and work together again in the future.....this is what I would like more. Hopefully in 3 years HJW will find her other half...I am more curious on whom he will be since she seems so picky.