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just another day. ON Feb 13, 2011 AT 2/13/2011 03:32:00 PM

woohoo ~ it's been a while i didn't update my blog here. got some problems these days! huhu. anyways, lots of things happened to me back then. i had some fight with my mom. she's freaking mad at me that time. i know it's my fault, that's why lah, i kept silent when she's scold/angry with me. but, when she said "fine! no Super Show 3 for you! i'll cancel it" ~ danggggg! nooooo mom! u can't. u promised me the other day! arghh! seriously, i hope she's not serious with her words, cuz i'm dying to see my boys! :( please. don't make me like this mom. okay, let's just stop here.

another things that happened to me, em, not really happened to me, but it just, i'm very disappointed with my bestfriends. actually, 12 February, was our friendship day. but, none of them, remember it! that's why, i am very frustrated/mad/disappoint with each of them. but, i'm very thankful, one of my bestie. Ahchan, remembered our day! aww. though she's busy with her plkn things, she still can remember it. am so glad. look! they're not my bestfriends, well, if you are my bestfriends, then no matter how busy you are, i'm sure u can remember it, just like what Ahchan did. I AM VERY SAD right now. i still remember where the four of us, promised that we will never forget our friendship day. hmm. looks like it was just a words, not from their hearts. i know, our school time is already ended, was that mean, that our friendship day is ended too? ah well, there's no need for me to think bout 'em! 

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