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100 Questions & Answers ON Mar 10, 2011 AT 3/10/2011 01:41:00 AM
I'm a bit bored, that's why I posted this for fun!

Name : Nurhafeezah
Birthdate : August 12
School : Sung Siew Kindergarten ;pp
Residency : In your heart ;p
Good qualities : A good listener to friend's problem.
Bad qualities : Easy to get annoy with someone, and love to use bad words.
Hobbies : Online, play some games, gossipss! Ohyeahh
Religion : Islam.
Height : 152cm. (Yes, I am 'tall', haha)
Weight : 15 kilo! Haha
Bloodtype : B
Shoesize : 7
Favourite genre of music : Anything except heavy metal!
Favourite singers/bands : Super Junior, BoA, 2PM, 2NE1, DBSK, Big Bang
Favourite season : Autumn
Favourite food : Anything with shrimp. Fried rice.
Place I want to go : Beach
My ideal type : Sweet, tall, not so handsome but not ugly, kind, respect the elders
My worries of now : My SPM result
First love : When I was 13.
Alcohol tolerance : No no no
Drinking habit : I never drink, so no habit.
Most important friends : All my friends are important
Prized possesion : Lots of it
When I look the best : Whenever I want
When I look the sexiest : When I'm taking a bath ;pp
What's in my pocket : Money laa.
First time drinking : Never drinks it
Favourite colors : White, red, black, blue
Thing you want from your significant other : Kpop stuffs!
Age you want to get married : Not thinking about it yet.
What you do when you're home alone : Online!
Habits : Hmm. Lots of it.
Highest placement in school : 1st place ^^
Difference men and women : Women have this, men have that. Haha
If you were born again, man or woman : Man
What do you think you were in previous life : Never think bout it
If the person you loved cheated on you : Won't forgive that person
Favourite at noraebang : All songs were my fave.
What you want to do during rains : Sleep ~
If you were in deserted island, what'll you take : iPod, comics
How many kids : I'm not planning to get married la ~
Who do you want to see the most right now : My friend, Ahchan
Favourite snack : Chipsmore! ^^
Allowance : Whatever I need it
Favourite restaurant : Champs! Omg. I wanna go there right now!
To be dumped or you dump : Neither both of it.
Why did you answer the question above : Cause I don't know.
What I want right now : Some food.
When do you think, you've grown up : Never
Country I want to go : Korea and Japan
What you think about other people : I never think about 'em ^^
What would you do if you confessed to a boy : Dunno.
Place you want to go with your friends : Genting highlands ~
Ideal vacation spot : Genting highlands
Favourite TV shows : Strong heart, star king, and more.
Thoughts when you're in rain : Nothing.
When I fell happy : Whenever someone gives me what I want.
Most recent movie I watched : I am Number 4 ^^
Movie watched with the most feeling : Dunno.
Could you marry someone else for the person you loved : No!
What you want to do for the one you loved : Show him my love!
I want to die when : I already have a life, and success and made my parents proud.
You think you're player : Nope.
If you found 100k in the road : Oh my gucci! I'm in heaven then!
When you were most hurt : Recently, due to the tickets thing!
I hate guys that : Overreacted.
I hate girls that : As long as they don't make me annoyed, that would be fine.
If you were become invisible : I never want to.
When someone makes you mad : I cursed and cursed.
Favourite saying : "ohh" "saitan neh" "pantad neh" ^^
If someone met you first time and ask for number : WTF for you.
Nicknames : Nur, Galing, Nadia
First thing you do in the moring : Open my eyes.
Jinxes : I don't have one.
The most important thing in the world : Parents!
When you were happiest : During school time.
When you were saddest : When my parents scold me. I dont' like it.
Last thing you want to say : Yes! I'm finished! ^^