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7 days to go. ON Mar 11, 2011 AT 3/11/2011 10:20:00 PM
Oh yes! Keep counting elfs. It's just around the corner. Weeeeee. Can't wait, and yes, i'm so excited. Coming all the way from Sabah just because I want to see them. Hehe! And just found the tweet of Chocofam which made me smile.
"This person who come all the way from Borneo are looking forward to see the stadium filled with blue ocean next week. Aren't you too? ;D"
I smile because I'm one of those elfs who come from Borneo. Hehe! Come on, elfs! Make all the tickets, sold out! Would you? Is 15% discount isn't good for you? Aigoo. Let's show our boys, what Malaysian ELFs can do! Cepat lah beli kat SG Wang, right now! Sementara tiket masih ada. Don't miss it!

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