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Boring day. ON Mar 14, 2011 AT 3/14/2011 12:41:00 AM
hi readers. today is just the same as the other days. boring. i got nothing to do. just, sitting in front of lappy. blogging, facebooking, twittering all the time. sometimes, i'm kinda tired doing the same thing for every seconds/minutes/hours/days. wanna go outing with members but i can't. most of them are just freaking busy with their stuffs. pendek kata, i'm alone during this "waiting for result" time. i can't wait to continue my studies. meeting old/new friends. during school time, the only thing in my mind was, to finish my studies and get out from school so that i can do many stufss like online non-stop. but, it's not fun at all. alone and boring all the time. i missed school moments. even my bestfriends and i, weren't not so close right now. i don't know, but somehow i felt like they don't remember me at all. they don't even send me a message. asyik2 aku ja yang text dorang! and yes, it pissed me off! sampaikan, friendship day kami pun, dorang tak ingat! apa lah point nya di situ? bestfriends ka juga kita neh? i'm tired of you guys! and i mean it. whatever lah. jangan sampai nanti satu hari, aku lost contact dengan kamu. pernah terfikir mau cancel account fb, buang simcard supaya nda payah b'contact sama kamu neh. tapi nda juga sampai hati. haihh. *lemahh lah kau feeza*

stop till here. haha! kalau tak, confirm memanjang lah.

anyway, today, ahchan, who's one of my bestfriends has finally finished her PLKN. congratss girl and welcome back! siap dapat sijil neh. jealous yang teramat. sebab aku pun dapat plkn tp tak dapat sijil sbb dikecualikan. ): apa boleh buat lah. suda nasib badan. huhu. belum lagi jumpa dia neh. ntah macam mana lah 'putih' muka nya tuh! keke!

reminders: 9 days to go till SPM result come out

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