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Goodbye Hero! ON Mar 7, 2011 AT 3/07/2011 10:43:00 PM

Hyun Bin had entered the military service on 7th March for 21months. Gonna miss him! See you, Kim Tae Pyung on December 16, 2012. And when the times come, I wish I can see you on Secret Garden season 2. LOL. Well, stay healthy and be a good person. We all gonna wait you, oppa!


But here's what I want to share. Just found the article about Him and Song Hye Kyo are officially broke up! Oh my god. Really shocked when I read the news. I know that there's rumors said they are done with their relationship. But Hyun Bin kept saying that there's nothing happened with them. They're happy together. But now, it's already clear, that they're officially broke up! No wonder Song Hye Kyo didn't show up last day to say farewell to him.

Here's the article. Credit to Allkpop

On March 8th, the agencies of actor Hyun Bin and actress Song Hye Kyo officially announced that they had broken up in January. The two agencies released a joint statement, that reads as follows:
“We would like to inform the public that Hyun Bin and Song Hye Kyo decided to part ways earlier this year.  
The two met in 2008 through the drama, ‘The World They Live In‘, and carefully acknowledged their love soon after to the public. However, due to their busy drama, movie, and overseas schedules, they naturally weren’t able to pay as much attention as the other needed. The excessive amount of attention from those around them was pressuring, as well as the stress they received regarding unfounded rumors detailing their break-up. They did not have the time or freedom to overcome such obstacles, leading to an inevitable gap in their relationship. Eventually, the two agreed to part ways earlier this year. Hyun Bin and Song Hye Kyo did not release an official statement because they did not want the public’s attention to be taken away from their respective works. Hyun Bin also did not want to bring up such a personal matter while greeting the public for the final time before his enlistment. Such is the reason why we postponed the release of this information until the 8th. We would like to apologize for not informing you of this information earlier. The two will work to show their best in their own respective positions.”

I'm sad for them. But at the same time, kinda happy a bit. Haha! If they're broke up, so there must be a chance for me to see Hyun Bin and Ha Ji Won together! *slap my face! what a mean fan* 
Oh! and there's something that I'm confused with, right now. Last time, before Hyun Bin went to military, he said that, "There's someone I am dating" At first, I don't really mind about it, cause mostly all of us know, Yea! He's reffering to Song Hye Kyo! But after the news comes out that they were really broke up since January, I was like "Err? So what's with the dating thing?" 
That's what I'm confused with. Who's he dating with? *In my mind: Ahh~ It would be good, if that was Ha Ji Won* Hehe

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