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the journey of her life...

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Paradise Ranch. ON Mar 8, 2011 AT 3/08/2011 06:26:00 PM
See this picture, made me so freakin' excited!
Wonder, what episode is this!
Dong Ju and Da Ji together! Sweet ^^

I love this drama. This is one of my list favourite drama of 2011. After My Princess and Dream High have finished, I'm a little bored and kinda desperate to find a new drama to watch. Hehe. Then, I try to watch this drama. And suddenly, I've turn into one of their fans! Haha :D Love this drama so much. Played by Shim Chang Min from DBSK and Lee Yeon Hee. Both cute, and looks good together. ^^ One HD was also aired this drama in Astro. But, it's still in episode 6. In Korea, it's already in episode 14. I'm on my way to watch it through online. Waiting for the episodes to be subbed. Ohh please. Please subbed it fast. I can't wait. I wondered how Dong Ju and Da Ji will end up together?  Cause there's no romance scene between them till now. They're always fight! And the drama is nearly end. Huhu. 2 more episodes.