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Something. ON Mar 7, 2011 AT 3/07/2011 08:52:00 PM
Hi everyone. It's been freaking a while since I've been here posting. Been pretty busy lately, with life! :D Doing this doing that. Well, there's nothing interesting happened to me these past few days. But! There's something I wanna share with you all. Heechul's face was scratched! He was hit with LED board which was threw by an overreacting fan during Super Show 3 in Shanghai! Grrrrr. There's wound under his left eye. Poor him. He's currently receives treatment for his facial injury. He supposed to be happy cause that night, he'll be celebrating his 6th Anniversary since debut ~ But it turns out to be like that! Injured in such a joyful day. Geez. And after the incident, Heechul had tweeted
After this wound, I hope that not once, ever again, will anything fly towards the stage. I’m not hurt, glad, mad, or happy." 
credit to: @Heedictator

This is his face with the wound, no expression on his face ):

Here you guys can see the gif when he was hit by the board! 

And this is the video.

You can see he's happily playing with his jjinbang mask. But then, the board was threw by the fan and scratch his face! Heechul was forced to briefly pause and cover his face, but eventually walked off stage without being able to lift his face. Poor him. This is not the first time happened to Super Junior. Yesung was also hit by the projectile during SS3 in Singapore if I'm not mistaken.
And, this is not the end. Super Junior's Heechul, Leeteuk, Shindong and Yesung, and other members caught in minor accident, the same as it happened in Singapore before! It was cause by the fans who's chasing their van in Shanghai. Thankful, they're all alright. Aigoo. I had enough of these! Poor our boys!

ELF should take a lesson after the incidents that happened in Shanghai. And Heechul also asked the everyone to refrain from throwing presents.
“There are fans who throw presents at the other members, but I hope they will stop that. They have to stop in order for Super Junior to present the best performance possible, and for fans to enjoy that experience.”

Next Super Show 3 will be held in Malaysia. I'll be going to that concert! So, Malaysian ELFs including me. Promise that we won't throw anything that will hurt our boys! Please. Don't get too over excited when you see our boys in the concert or when you guys follow them from the airport! I'm begging you guys! Let's make this SS3 Malaysia HAVOC with no one injured, both Super Junior and ELF. Safety first! HAHA :D

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