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Why Sapphire Blue? ON Mar 9, 2011 AT 3/09/2011 10:24:00 PM
There’s only one reason for this, it is because the bond between Super Junior and ELFs is as deep as the blue ocean. The song Sapphire Blue proves it all with the lines …..
The road to destiny becomes more clear
Meeting by chance was not an accident
It was fate that let it happened.”
ELFs will forever love Super Junior and Super Junior also promised to love them as their friends. This has not only been seen in front of the cameras but were also felt by the heart. ELFs must really prove that they are the everlasting friends of Super Junior. The people who are willing to wait until they come back.
ELFs must remember that it is a must to help each other to support their beloved Biased. Remember not to throw mud upon each other. There is no competition between ELFs. There is no reason to fight with anyone or give destructive criticisms to anyone.Soon enough the group will have to join the Army one by one and it will affect their career big time. But as long as there are EVER LASTING FRIENDS that will continue to support them in every way. They would be able to survive and be in the industry to more than 20 years. Just continue to push it through and all our endeavors will be rewarded…. and in time SUPER JUNIOR and ELFs will be united forever…..

credit: en.korea.com, aoisasurai1527.wordpress.com

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