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#2000th Days Questions ON Apr 28, 2011 AT 4/28/2011 04:08:00 AM
How long have you been an ELF?
A very long time ago. And i'm proud to be one of those fans.

How u started to know them?
From my friend, Ana. She's the one introduced me to SJ and all kpop things. Thanks to her. At that time, SJ and other kpop artists, were not so popular, compare to now.

Have you seen Super Junior in person?
I wish, yes. But no. I haven't see them in person really close. But, i've seen them from far. Is that count? Haha

Have you watched any Super Shows?
Yea, twice! SS2 and SS3 in Malaysia. i can still remember every moments, clearly! 200310, 190311. oh yeahh!

If you answer is Yes, what area are you positioned? 
SS2, Upper Tier, U18 Row H. SS3, Lower Tier, L1 Row A.

Have you watched any SJ drama, movie or reality drama?
Do i have to mention this? Of courseee duhh!

Have you bought any SJ album?
Yes. Definitely.

How many?
I'm on my way to collect all of their albums. Right now, i only have this:

Do you consider yourself as an ELF? Why?
aigoooyahh! WTH! like seriously. of course i am. they are the first kpop group i know. and they are also the reason, i've turn into a crazy/holic/mad/maniac/fanatic fan of kpop! because of super junior, i met lots of new friends from msia and different countries, that i've never imagined it before. and because of them, i never care about how much i spent on buying their albums/tickets and everything. yes, i spent lots of money because of SJ. people would say, i'm stupid wasting money on such things, but sorry guys, i don't care. keep calling me stupid, but only crazy elfs and kpop fans, understand me. okay, isn't this enough to consider myself, as EverLasting Friend?

What other Kpop groups do you like?
others? okay. Beast, Big Bang, 2PM, and 2NE1. but i like all kpop groups.

What other fandom are you in except from being an ELF?
i will only called myself, as an ELF. there'll be no changed. no other fandom. sorry. but yea, i admit, i called myself as B2UTY before. but, i realized i'm actually, just crazy about Yoseob. i'm still a new fans of them, i don't know much about 'em compare to Super Junior and i don't deserve call myself as those b2uty. but who knows, maybe someday, i'll turn into B2UTY too. but one thing that will always be, is i'm an EverLasting Friend. i've always put this word on my mind.

"Once ELF, always ELF"  

Are you willing to support SJ no matter what?
as an ELF, yes! it's part of our job to support 'em! i'll always support Super Junior no matter what happened. maybe someday, each members will have their own careers, and when that time is come, i'm still the same, an ELF who always support Super Junior. i love you guys, super junior.

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