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I get that feeling, once again! ON Apr 15, 2011 AT 4/15/2011 06:07:00 AM
hello everyone. readers, stalkers and all.

just now, i re-watched, one of B2ST's idol maid episode. and to think that i'm actually turn into B2UTY now, it's quite funny. before this, i'm not a big fan of 'em. not so into it. in fact, i've always make fun of 'em. seriously. but, it was all past! now, i'm one of those crazy fans! those B2UTY. 

i like the feeling when i get so addicted with a new bias. what i mean is, fell in love with a kpop idol. it reminds me, how passionate i am towards heechul, during the first time i liked him. i watched lots of videos of him, read some facts about him, stalked his pictures till there was no next button. from that time, i started to gain lots of interest with him. that's why, i turned into a crazy/mad/maniac/holic fan of heechul. i've always craving for his stories, facts, pictures and more. 

2008's Heechul.
and you know what, all these behavior were all same as what i do, right now to yoseob. i just realized this, few days ago. i dig lots of stories about uri yang yo. watched his videos all over again, steal his pictures, and even made it as my handphone's wallie. it was all the same, as what i did, during "heechul fans to be". that's why, i think YANG YOSEOB is my #2 bias after HEECHUL. seriously right now, i can't get rid of yoseob. madly in love with him. (okay, bias is showing off now, you guys are pleased to muntah, hehe!)


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