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It's biased all the way. ON Apr 13, 2011 AT 4/13/2011 06:00:00 AM
hi readers, stalkers and all :)
howwa ya? hmmphh. today, what am i going to do aa? don't have such an interesting story to talk. today is just the same as the past few days. BORING. just now, i'm watching kdrama, Giant on One. though it's already end, in Korea, but here, it's still being aired. aha! since i don't have anything story to share with you guys, let me tell you, who's my biased from kpop boyband. total biased: 10. who's not in my list, doesn't mean, i don't know that boyband, okay! so! let's do it do it do it. 


#1 Super Junior : Kim Heechul

#2 Beast : Yang Yoseob

#3 Super Junior : Eunhyuk

#4 Super Junior : Donghae

#5 Big Bang : G-Dragon

#6 Beast : Junhyung

#7 2PM : Junho

#8 DBSK : Changmin

#9 CN BLUE : Yong Hwa

#10 MBLAQ : Mir

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