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what to say! ON May 17, 2011 AT 5/17/2011 07:40:00 AM
hey you guys. 
finally, Beast are back with Fiction and Fact. have you listen to their songs? better listen lahh sekarang. tak rugi. haha! excited woo! hehe. playlist aku, pun dah tukar. tapi, lagu-lagu tuh tak semua aku letak. cuma tiga lagu je. line tak laju ler. download lagu pun, belum full abis. anyway, kat bawah nih, adalah list-list lagu dorang for the new album tuh. plus, Fiction MV. woohoo! hawt yaw. (:

01.The Fact
02. Fiction
03. Back to You
04. You
05. Freeze
06. Virus
07. 불러보지만 (Though I Call)
08. 비가 오는 날엔 (On Rainy Days)
09. Lightless (Unplugged Version)
10. Fiction (Orchestra Version)

ohh! before aku lupa. Super Junior dah release, Bijin or Bonamana in Korean for Japanese single. sure, all elfs including me, are excited to listen to the full song that will release tomorrow. i can't wait! hoho!

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