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Sweet! I love it ~ ON Jun 1, 2011 AT 6/01/2011 04:42:00 AM
hohoo! happy gilaaa nih bila aku baca comment heechul. actually, aku dengar nih semua dari group kat facebook. seorang MC tanya kat Leeteuk, Heechul and Yesung,

"from all the places you’ve visited for SS3, which place do you like the most?" 
Leeteuk: Philippines
Heechul: Malaysia
Yesung: Indonesia
TeukHee: Huh?
MC: But Yesung-ssi, in the list, there is no Indonesia for Super Show 3.
Yesung: ... *silent* ...
LOL at Yesung. but i'm so freaking extremely happy, with Heechul's answer. it makes me wanna go for next super show even moreeee.

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