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The Sixth Years (a late post) ON Nov 7, 2011 AT 11/07/2011 02:23:00 AM

6th November 2005 is the number where my idols were born! and today, it's their 6th years anniversary. my fourth time "celebrating" it. four years ago, it was my first time saw all of them. i was browsing channels when i suddenly stopped at MTV Asia Awards and saw the boys performed on the stage, singing Mirror. At that time, my eyes were only looking at Yesung, and thought he's the singer and the others are just the backup dancers since he was the only one who sang the song half of it. so sorry to say. but then, i saw their music video, U after that, and i was like "ohh! so, that man wasn't a solo artist? ahh ~ what a fool i am". And there were so many many members on that MV till my eyes were getting almost squint. Then i knew, there was 13 members in a group!

Four years have passed and I'm still here supporting all of them. I never ever thought that I could follow and keep my interest for this long ~ Usually, when I liked a singer or groups, it won't be last for half a year cos my fandom always get changed. Until I met Super Junior. The reasons why I stayed this long are, because of their multi-personalities and passions to their career. Though, there were so many hardships that they faced over the years, get fully criticized by others,  they're still can put a precious smile on the face. and that's what I thanked for. Despite all the obstacles, you all stood together and encouraged ELF to stay strong because Super Junior will always be a 13 (15) boy group.

I just wanna say thank you boys for making my life much more meaningful, bringing lots of happiness and being part of my life! my love will always exist more than forever! I may not been there with you from the beginning, but just 13elieve that I will cheering and keep supporting you and prom15e that I will never stop being an ELF. 

I don't care, if that 13 numbers will slowly decrease to 12, 10 or even 8, because it's just a number tho.  Super Junior will always be ONE.  

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