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♥ thank you DJs ON Dec 5, 2011 AT 12/05/2011 12:06:00 AM

4th December 2011. A date which was Eunhyuk and Leeteuk last day became DJ for Sukira. The last Kiss. That was so heartbreaking! Both of 'em were crying at the end of the recording. Especially, Eunhyuk! He was crying like a baby! Crying so hard. Gee ~ Sebak betul hati tengok dia nangis macam tuhh semalam. Sumpah, dah bergenang air mata aku tengok! (Walaupun, semalam streaming agak super lagging!) Sorang demi sorang comfort kan dorang. Aww. Nampak sangat dorang sayang kan sukira! Ye lah, 5 Years and 3 Months! That's a long long long period. :D

21 August 2006 till 4 December 2011. 
5years, 3months, 280weeks, 14days and 47,112hours
EunTeuk DJ, we all gonna miss your laughter! Your dorkiness! You have done a great job together! Thank you so much for everything EunTeuk DJ. We're so proud of you. Just like Leeteuk said, it's not an End, but an And. Well, I'm not very good at speaking, but i'm really really gonna miss both of you in KTR. ): Thank you so much. 

Eunhyuk was crying so hard! And Donghae came to comfort him. T_T
credit: ELF13km@youtube
eunhyuk oppa! uljimaaaaa! uljimarayoooo.
this is so heartbreaking

EunTeuk DJ will be replaced by MinWook DJ, Sungmin and Ryewook! Welcome DJs! I'm very sure, Sukira will be the cutest station since both of the DJ are so over cuteee. During EunTeuk DJ, Sukira became the Dorkiest station because of the dorkiness of EunTeuk DJ. 

and here some of the members tweets! tweeting about their last day in Sukira, and some were from other members, to EunTeuk DJ

translation: 5 years and 3 months of Sukira..today is the last time I will share my kiss..
We’ll be together in this, right?… But we can’t cry and just have to laugh!!!^^ㅋ
credit trans: AngeLeeteuk
translation: It’s not End.. It’s And..^^ Next week’s concert at Kyocera Dome in Osaka Japan
will gather 50,000 audience even without us holding any formal activity!!^^ Let’s meet then!!!
credit trans: AngeLeeteuk
Memory of 5 years and 3 months..kiss for 1932 days..sukira..I was happy..
Do the broadcast until the last day before I go for army was my target ..
The farewell came a bit earlier than I expected..Thank you for watching over us..I love you
credit trans: Jinn8812elf
23 PDs and writers who passed through Sukira..and my pair, my dongsaeng Eunhyukie,
many of the guests, and our sukira family members who watch over sukira for us
to keep our DJ position, thank you everyone. I will be back again after become a greater person!
credit trans: Jinn8812elf
translation: Doesn't feel real
credit trans: chun_ELF

translation: I’m at KBS Kiss the Radio !! Leeteuk hyung, Eunhyukie, u had worked really hard^^
Best !! I love you !! Please look forward to Sungmin hyung and Ryeowookie’s Sukira^^
credit trans: Jinn8812elf
translation: Awesome Eunteuk DJ~ Hyung-nims, u had done a really great job and
 I cried together during the last kiss ㅠㅠ Thank you, I love you,
Thanks Sukira being a good friend to me for over 5 years~~
sob sob, I’m crying together with Eunhyukie hyung’s tearsㅠㅠ
credit trans: Jinn8812elf
translation: (Both of you) really worked very hard. Thanks to both of you,
all the listeners including me, were really blessed^^! Too proud of Teukie hyung
and our sparkling myeolchi [anchovy] Eunhyukkie! Love you brothas!
 credit trans: chun_ELF

☆ today, just saw someone tweet. Sukira official website had changed the header from EunTeuk DJ header  to MinWook DJ header.

Well! MinWook DJ! Welcome to Sukira! Goodluck to both of you! I'm sure, the guys will go a great job!

MinWook fighting!!

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