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19 years 2 days ON Aug 14, 2012 AT 8/14/2012 01:52:00 AM
assalamualaikum and hello dear blogger, stalkers and all ;D

last sunday, 12 August was a very special day to me. haha! why's that?
because it was my birthday! haha~ 

wuuuuwuuu~ i'm already nineteen baby! nineteen!!! and next year, the will be no belasan tahun lagi for me. /sigh/ i'll turn twenty next year. ah well, it's okay. i don't mind about it, really. but, deep inside in my heart, yeah i do mind. i'm aging right now. 

okay whatever. 

to all my friends, who wished me happy birthday, 
i wanna say thank you all
from messages, twitter, whatsapp, facebook
ur wishes really did me felt touched.
especially, those people in twitter
they made me feel so special, to be honest.
it's not the same as people in facebook. sorry guise.
but i do, appreciate it ^^

and to these people;
huda, ana, hanim, ahchan, jieya
thanks bestfriends for your wishes
i've waited for ur msgs until in the midnight u know!

reina, sunny, tania, clarin, 
vanny, manda, mimie, fatin, nab
and everyone in tlist

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