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and finally ON Dec 7, 2012 AT 12/07/2012 10:17:00 AM
assalamualaikum and hello bloggers and all.
guess what! i'm officially free from stpm from now on. 
u cant never imagine how happy i am right now! 

. 5 december 2012 . 
the last day, ironing my school uniform. the last day i'm wearing my school uniform, the last day i'm wearing my shoes. the last day i'm wearing my tudung. the last day i'm wearing my school bag. the last day i sit in my class. the last day i met my teachers. everything is the last day except from meeting my friends. because i believe, we're actually will meet again! right classmates?! till we meet again dear  everyone of you.

though i'm not so close to some of my classmates, but believe me
i'm gonna miss them! each of them

chelse chen chin fiona fong amien jess jill zizi liew lo hafiz huda laila 
miraa pang nana chiak sabariah qiela sim pidane syed tan vianney
LOVE 6AE 2011-2012 SMKM 

bye bye highschool! hello freedom


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