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so this is how it looks like ON Dec 20, 2012 AT 12/20/2012 01:45:00 AM
11 December 2012. another date

so, this posted related to Asia Super Showcase 2012
that was held last week in KL.
it was my experience chasing the idols at the airport, but i got nothing tho. 

so, lemme tell what happened during the day before
BTOB arrived in KL on 9 december,
EXO-M on 10 december.
while SJM arrived in KL separately. they didn't take the same flight as
Henry & Zhoumi arrived around 9.50pm,
while Hyuk and Kyu (supposed to come with Hae) landed in KL around 12.20am smth.
Hae, Wook and Min arrived on d-day, 11 december. 

and me, leaving sandakan for kl on 10 december. the same day as EXO-M arrived in kl. so yea, i was there with the other fans waiting for exo-m at the klia. arrived in kl around 3pm smth and met Sunny, one of my tlist in twitter. so we both went to the international arrival hoping that we could meet the six flawless guys. at that time, there were not so many fans, as it was still early tho. sunny checked the arrival time from China. there were only two, but i forgot alr the names. exo-m was expected to arrive around 5pm smth. as the time passing by, the clock has already showed 5PM, but there were no exo-m coming from the inside. then i saw a tweet "EXO-M in the vip route, they're arrived now". i told sunny "we need to go to the vip route" but the thing is, we don't have any idea where's the vip route as we're not from KL, both are from sabah. we then asked one of the worker there, and she told us the vip route is around the cimb bank. sadly, we didn't find that place. lol~ pity us. when we were about to go downstair, some of the fans were running to somewhere, and we just followed them. AND WALAHH~ we get to the vip route. as expected, lots of fans there! we were all standing/sitting outside the vip lounge. waiting for them for almost 45mins but there was no sign of them coming out from there. then suddenly one of the fans screamed, said that exo-m were already came out from the airport and WE WERE ALL RUNNING AT THE AIRPORT chasing them! downstairs upstairs and downstairs again. but we got nothing. sadly to say, we didn't get to see EXO-M because they were using the Domestic Arrival, and we were all waiting at the vip route. wow! maybe it wasn't my luck to see them that day. and as for SJM, didnt get the chance to greet them because i need to get back home since my dad called me. sigh

and so. that's all from me. 

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