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ON Aug 22, 2013 AT 8/22/2013 12:55:00 AM
22 august.

hello dear bloggers and all. it's been awhile since i'm updating my last post here. i don't really have so much time to even post anything here.

it's already 22 now, and once september comes, i'll be starting my new life in university. huhu excited and kinda scares too. i'm so gonna miss my fangirl life. i don't think i could be as active as i used to. and for sure, i'm gonna be so outdated with all the updates.

someone asked me, i'm gonna enter university, so does that means, i'm going to leave my fangirl life? the answer is still going to be the same, NO! there's no way i'm gonna leave this virtual world. maybe, i'm not gonna be as active like i always did, and i might stop scrolling timeline on twitter, searching for updates. but one thing that will be never change is, i am still gonna be in this virtual world. not going to leave my fandoms and fangirl life.

that's it. ////destiny